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A short summary of things I've learned and achieved over the years...


Most of my music work can be seen here.


I help disruptive technology companies as a developer, a connector, an investor and a social media expert.

As a developer, I'm fluent in Html, CSS, Javascript, Python, EasyLanguage. I use tools such as Node, MongoDb, Excel, Google App Scripts, Google Studio...

Some of my creations:

Some of my coding creations can be checked here and in details here .

Social Media


  • Investor in late stage brand name companies pre-IPO (such as Elon Musk's SpaceX, HyperloopTT...) and in the leading Blockchain related projects,
  • Trained as a short term equity trader and a quant with elite firms such as SMB Capital.


I've been a mentor for the following companies:
  • National Superior Conservatory Of Music Of Paris,
  • University Of Westminster,
  • Berklee College Of Music,
  • Leap Foundation.

I've also been a speaker for these events.


Amateur chef.

Visual Art

See here.


See here.

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