I'm passionate about building automated/autonomous systems and proof of concepts.

Here's what I created so far!

Some of these creations are already used by high profile brands and celebrities around the world.

Ultimate Stats

This is an Instagram approved analysis platform, giving some key insights to perform better. It's free to use! I monetize it by leveraging the world's 1st smart blockchain for music, Musicoin. You'll get it once you log in!

Check it out HERE.

I created this platform using Node, MongoDB, Mongoose, Passport... I've been studying social media for over 10 years. It allowed me to grow my social accounts to over 500 000 followers.

Website Visits Filtering Bot & Backlinks Tracker

I ran into minor issues regarding the security of my former wordpress website. Since I coded this website from scratch, I added the ability to track all the visits and to automatically ban IPs depending on conditions I defined.

Take a look at it HERE.

Instant Payment Proof Of Concept Video Game

This is an educational video game, teaching people social media marketing strategies and paying the game creator (me in this example) each time it's played at no cost to the player by leveraging blockchain technology.

This creation triggered opportunities for me to be booked as a keynote speaker around the world.

Check it out HERE.

Read the full explanation HERE.

My 1st Automated Social Media Dashboard Reports

I built it using Google App Script and Google studio. Since it was not scalable, I created the "Ultimate Stats" platform as you can see above.

Automated Free Music Career Mentoring

This is a funnel I built for music artists to sign up to my music career mentoring program. It provides them with valuable content while automatically creating data on my side.

I used Google Form, Google App Script, Zapier, Mailchimp and private Facebook groups.

Check it out HERE.

Best Time To Post On Social Media

A super simple AI living in a Google App Script sheet. It recalculates the best time to post on social media when new data comes in.

My Main Stock Trading Strategy

I trained for years with NY elite trading companies. Traders are highly encouraged to become "bionic" by embracing technology to maximize performances.

I figured I'm comfortable handling gap exhaustions with a mean reversion strategy . I created this semi-automated system to reduce my time handling them.

You can read the details about it HERE.