After spending 15 years producing music for some of the biggest names worldwide, I developed a strong interest in the investment world and trained with elite individuals in the field. This experience made me realize how crucial it is to always have an edge before taking action and the necessity of using technology to achieve this. It led me to learn coding to maximize my chances of outperforming. Since then, I exclusively consider projects where the potential outcome is enormous compared to the risk taken, adopting a venture capitalist mindset. I look for the most talented people and the most promising companies to invest in and develop my own software to identify and monetize opportunities that humans can't see.

Current Projects


I work closely with HyperloopTT's core team as a software developer but also as an audio specialist, connector and investor. I entirely coded a software for the company that is now used daily.

Introducing..."Truffle Hunter"

I coded a software that creates/tests/validates robots to achieve some missions in the digital world. Currently applied to the finance world, I've been running a portfolio of automated trading systems since nov 2023. Read here.

I made a video game paying me in crypto each time it's played at no cost to the player!

An online video game I coded that pays its music composer (me) in cryptocurrency each time the game is played and at no cost to the player. Read here.


Let's train a neural network!


Let's Create And Train Digital Babies!


How I Changed My Life Using Social Media