How I Used Social Media To Change My life And Make My Dreams Come True

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Today I will share with you how I leveraged social media to reach my goals! I'm convinced that these strategies can be adapted today to make your dreams come true!

I used to live in a very small french village. It had some great benefits like eating fresh food from my parents' garden every day. But it also had some issues, access to knowledge was very difficult. I grew up without internet.

I decided to embrace a creative career in my teenage years. After years of intense piano practice with elite classical, jazz and latin music musicians, I begun to produce lots of music. My music heros were mostly based in the US. I had an extremely hard time to find artists that I enjoyed in France. I was bored as hell...

I was dreaming about being in the US and working with high quality music artists...It ended up happening by leveraging social skills and by developing unique social media strategies.

It was the time when Myspace was huge. It was the perfect way for me to connect with artists wherever they were in the world...

Here's the strategies I put in place

  • I designed a unique looking MySpace profile with an eye catching background. People still remember it to this day! I posted my music tracks and my salsa piano playing videos (I got invited to play on stage with Bamboleo in Cuba at 21, one of the most famous salsa band).

  • I started using a software allowing me to reach a massive amount of people every day. I was able to send 500 comments, 500 messages and tons of friend requests every single day (limits established by Myspace).
  • I created 5 times the same Myspace page in order to multiply these possibilities.

It ended up paying off hugely!


I managed to connect with elite music production teams such as Timbaland's crew, Dr Dre's people, Neyo's, K-pop top songwriters and received offers from them. I also got my first major music placements by working with them over internet!

I did a song with Timbaland's artist D.O.E. which was placed in a Ben Stiller movie called "The Mark Pease Experience". I co-created another song that was placed to a huge Kpop boyband, TVXQ (historical Mirotic album). All this was done from my tiny french village!

That was just the beginning! A team that I also met on myspace and who working for Usher at the time offered to sponsor my first O-1 visa! Therefore I officially moved to the US where I quickly became a multi-platinum music producer and contributed to Grammy Nominations. The first 2 albums I worked on during my very first 2 weeks in Los Angeles sold over 10 million copies worldwide and got 3 Grammy nominations!


As a result, I clearly understood the power of sharing my work with others at a massive scale. Social media platforms come and go. I constantly learn to adapt to the hot new ones. It allowed me to gain over 500,000 followers on Twitter, 15,000 connections on Linkedin and to go viral.

Reaching such numbers gives you tons of new opportunities. You benefit from "free traffic" which means that you can drive a massive amount of people to a certain place on internet without spending any money on ads. This is the dream of any marketer. As an example, One of my tweets driving traffic to a video game I coded got over half a million views (and this game is paying me each time it's played at no cost to the player, but this is another story...). It also allows you to be better referenced by Google which is hugely important for your business! YouTube and Twitter content are some of the best ways to be referenced by Google! It builds your online authority.

I'm not telling you that you should spam people in order to grow your social media accounts. You definitely shouldn't. I didn't grow my Twitter and Linkedln accounts by spamming people, I found other ways. The key is to get creative, to think about strategies and then to test them. If you keep testing strategies and analyzing their results, you'll end up finding some edge! It does take work, time and discipline.

To conclude

Social media is very often over looked by people and businesses. But if used properly, it can completely change your life. I shared my story here today to show you that you can totally reach your goals by leveraging internet. As long as you become incredibly good at what you do and keep communicating about it, sky is the limit!

PS: Unfortunately, Social Media leaders are now controlling what you post and see in an extreme way. You can have 5000 'friends' on Facebook but Facebook will only show your post to a very few of your 'friends', just because they decided so...The engagement has been plummeting and is now close to dead! Why do Facebook and other Social Media leaders do that? Probably to push people to pay for ads to get their content seen. This is pretty awful. I can't wait for the new generation of Social Media blockchain platforms to explode and to put an end to this centralization. Steemit has already reached the top 2000 most visited websites.

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