What's Your Edge?

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What's an edge?

It's a unique strategy that puts you ahead of the competition and allows you to outperform.

How do you find an edge?

It's all about research. Let's take a look at the finance world. If you don't have an edge in that field, you quickly and painfully feel the consequences. You either lose money or breakeven (if you're good at money management).

What do you think the wealthiest and smartest people in the world do? They research and read! 

So now I'm sure you're going to ask me about what my edge is! Here we go:

What's my edge?

People wonder what I do nowadays. I like to define myself as an edge hunter. That's what I do! I research all day long! And then take action!

Over the years, I have consistently been developing unique strategies in multiple fields in order to overchieve:

  • Social Media

    Early on, I developed strategies to maximize the awareness of my music skills. It allowed me to start working with music stars worldwide while still living in a small french village. I have built a community of over 500,000 followers online which offers tons of opportunities. I benefit from traffic for free! I can get over half a million views on 1 tweet without having to pay for any ads. It is the dream of any marketer!
  • Music

    I have worked with legendary music artists by building relationships with some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. I bypassed inefficient music executives and hundreds of thousands of music producers competing for the same thing. I got straight in the room with legends and contributed to 2 albums that got 3 Grammy Nominations and sold over 10 million copies worldwide within my 1st 2 weeks in los Angeles. Prior to this, I spent years practicing piano 10 hours a day and transcribed hundreds of albums to understand music production. I currently have a new 'secret weapon' publisher. He is incredibly talented at placing music in movies and TV. That is passive income.
  • Finance

    I worked with finance firms involved with brand name technology companies before they go public. This kind of investments is extremely risky but offers an extremely high potential reward (I'm not a financial advisor, do your own research and take your own decisions!). I also reverse-engineered proprietary trading tools built by elite firms for my own use. I found prodigy level people who opened my eyes and my way of thinking. This allowed me to do the biggest trades of my life.
  • Coding

    I combined my experiences in multiple fields to build an instant monetization educational video game. It became a proof of concept for this music blockchain company.
  • Speaking

    My story has been triggering the interest of a growing number of people. I'm therefore getting booked to speak at interesting events and conferences around the world.
  • Environment

    Since I was a kid, I've always been seeking the company of much older and creative people. I have continuously nourished this kind of environment. It does make sense for me to be now involved with disruptive companies such as HyperloopTT and SpaceX.


With Forbes "30 Under 30", CEO extraordinaire and pianist virtuoso Nanxi Liu

With Walter O'Brien "Scorpion", said to be the 4th highest IQ ever measured.

With Dirk (HyperloopTT CEO) and Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp...)

As you can see, it really is based on homework and building relationships with high profile people. How do you approach them? by providing value. A successful busy person will be much more interested in working with you if you're an expert at something. Find creative ways to contribute to their ideas and projects.

There you have it. These are my "unfair advantages" and I definitely keep researching! I actually just finished a quant and python coding class! 

So...What's your edge? 

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