Creating Cross-Disciplinary Proof Of Concepts To Maximize Opportunities

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The following is like an ode to creativity which is very much what I live for.

I've enjoyed studying different fields in depth, one after the other, till I find a true edge (polymath, trader mindset). The accumulated knowledge allows me to create unique experiences and cross-disciplinary proof of concepts.

In december 2017, I leveraged the world's first smart blockchain for music to program a 'self-monetizing educational video game'.

Anybody can play the game online for free and learn marketing strategies while it is triggering a payment to me in cryptocurrency each time it's played...

My tweet for this game have got over 500k impressions without any ads. I've mostly been driving the traffic from my 400k+ followers on Twitter which costs nothing!

This creation required to combine knowledge in music production, coding, gaming, education, social media, blockchain, crypto and trading.

How to create such an interactive experience?

It starts by figuring out how to grow a social media account in order to drive traffic for free to some educational content that is able to 'self-generate' an income at no cost to the visitor.

Since it is an educational video game, informations collected during the game are delivered to the visitor after collecting his email address. This allows to build a marketing funnel and to retarget the visitor later on.

While playing the game, the visitor hears my music which is triggered and being streamed from Musicoin, the world's 1st smart blockchain for music . The income generated comes from the mining of the $MUSIC coins which are kept in a pool called UBI (Universal Basic Income). (it seems a coin swap will happen in 2020, $MUSIC would be transformed into an ERC-20 token: $MUS). Each time a stream is triggered, some coins move from this pool to the creator of the music.

This is when the trader mindset comes in: the ideal scenario would be to sell the coins at the highest value possible once the Musicoin project gets significantly adopted. Let's not forget that some coins grew by over 10,000% in 2017. To mitigate the risk of the coins going to 0 and to maximize the chances of accumulating valuable coins, we can program a system that randomly chooses to stream our original music from different music players from different music blockchain companies.

This proof of concept demonstrates that:

  • it is possible to grow a large social media account following and drive a massive traffic to specific content for free,

  • it is possible to educate people online in a fun way while collecting their informations, building a marketing funnel and getting paid instantly,

  • it is possible to monetize any online content by leveraging new music blockchain streaming platforms,

  • it is possible to leverage an online experience to accumulate cryptocurrency for free in order to sell it at a higher value in the future,

  • embracing creativity leads to finding solutions to long lasting problems in an industry: it is now possible for a music composer to be paid instantly each time his music is streamed in a video game in a fully transparent way (public blockchain),

  • embracing creativity potentially leads to unforgettable experiences for a targeted audience. This is key for any brand.

Massive opportunities as a result!

This kind of creations helps to be considered as a leader and an innovator. Ultimately, cross-disciplinary creations trigger people's curiosity and many new opportunities such as interviews, public speaking, job offers in multiple fields arise...

Since then, I've been requested to speak at tech/music/gaming conferences but also to share my knowledge with computer science classes in the US, Asia and Europe.


As a mentor, I use this proof of concept as an inspiration for students, creators and brands. It encourages them to think outside of the box, to never stop researching and to be more adventurous.

Polymath history

I've only been aware of the term' polymath' for a short time. It means a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.

As an example, Galileo is a very famous polymath. He used his knowledge in multiple fields to create a new kind of telescope that became a standard.

Play the game HERE.

Full explanation about how I coded the game HERE.

Speaking at Mama Convention in Paris, France

Speaking in Kyoto, Japan

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