I made a video game paying me in crypto each time it's played at no cost to the player!

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Here's my latest creation: an educational video game triggering a payment in cryptocurrency each time it's played at no cost to the player.

This creation combines my long years of research in fields such as music, coding, social media and trading.

Go play it on a computer using the chrome browser at http://educationalgaming.org/!

This is the very first video game I've ever made. I don't have a specific interest in developing video games, I'm much more interested in creating proof of concepts and using gamification as an interactive tool to show my point.

When you play this game, you will collect information along the way about...social media marketing! I know...That's quite unusual!

It probably is the first game (or one of the first games ever) where its music composer (me in this case) is paid each time the game is played at no cost to the player.

How is it possible? My music is streaming from this music blockchain company (Feel free to read how music blockchain projects function). Basically a stream (and a payment in cryptocurrency) is triggered each time the browser page refreshes. As simple as that!

Why did I create this game?

1- I am now mostly interested in research and turning things I learnt in different fields into unique experiences.

2- This creation is a way for me to inspire artists and business owners to become more creative at the way they interact with their audience, fans and customers.

3- Social Media changed my life. In my early 20s, I was stuck in the french countryside and was dreaming about living in the US and working with the best music artists.. It happened!
How? I worked really hard for it (I practiced piano 10 hours a day for years, transcribed hundreds of jazz/pop/latin albums...) and used the hot social media of that time, MySpace, to show what I could do to the world. I managed to get in touch with some of the most famous music executives and artists in the US. I got my 1st song placements with international music stars, and got invited to Los Angeles by one of the biggest songwriters of all time, Walter Afanasieff and executive Chris Ivery...The music I created during my first two weeks in Los Angeles received 3 Grammy nominations and sold over 10 million copies worldwide! That is life changing!

4- The game could easily be adapted to different learning and interactive environments.

5- It's a fun way for people to hear one of my unreleased music track.

6- It is passive income for me (yes, the value of a stream is low, but what if the $MUSIC coins value take off? Many coins moved more than 10000% in 2017..and they can also go to 0. For me, It's all about lining up opportunities. It only takes one to work out to get your life to a whole new level...)

7- It's a great way to take advantage of the free traffic I generate from my 300k+ followers on Twitter!

8- It's an interesting proof of concept that is landing me some great speaking opportunities about creativity around the world!


Go play the game on a computer using the chrome browser at http://educationalgaming.org/ and let me know what you think!
How could I make it better? What would you like to happen in the game?

Disclaimer : I am affiliated with this music blockchain platform. I receive a compensation when you sign up to the platform at no additional cost to you.

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