Social Media Domination

My Numbers

These are real and engaged fake accounts

500,000+ followers on Twitter

14,000+ connections on LinkedIn

37,000+ connections on Instagram

Trusted by some of the most disruptive brands and personalities

Some companies sell fake followers. I only focus on real and engaged people who actually care about your brand


How I Do This


We discuss your goals to identify the ideal social media strategy


I develop a customized plan and utilize my "secret sauce" strategies to significantly accelerate results


You gain a real and engaged audience, massive exposure and generate new business

Access your data at anytime thanks to a unique monitoring and reporting tool I coded


My story

Social Media changed my life.

In 2005, I was stuck in my french village and was dreaming to work with the biggest music stars. I used the "hot" Social Media of the time, MySpace, to develop strategies to maximize my visibility. This allowed me to connect and to start working with music stars worldwide, to make lucrative deals and to easily move to the US where my business took off!

Over the years, I saw the undeniable power and immense benefits of building an engaged community around a brand.

I decided to help brands growing a massive online community to significantly grow their business!

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