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I had an extraordinary time in Japan! Besides the beauty of the country and the richness of the food, one of the most enjoyable things there is how respectful people are! This is so refreshing! I'm definitely looking forward spending quite a bit of time there in the future!

Here are some of the best pictures I took during the trip. Then you'll find precious informations about what to do and see in Japan.

Golden Pavillon in Kyoto

Kiyosumi Park in Tokyo

A shrine at Mount Nokogiri

View of the city of Kyoto

View of the bay of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower

Forest at Mount Kurama in Kyoto

View of Kamakura

Japanese garden in Kyoto

Imperial Palace in Tokyo

View of Ginza from the Imperial Palace Garden

Hongwanji temple in Tokyo

Sculpture at Mount Nokogiri

Massive buddha at Mount Nokogiri

View of the bay of Tokyo when going up to the top of Mount Nokogiri

Yokohama by night

Ginza Six mall in Tokyo

Bowl of sashimi at Tsukiji Kanno in Tokyo

Kaiseki at Matsukiya in Kyoto with Omi beef (wagyu) from the Shiga area (east of Kyoto)

Omi beef sushi in Kyoto

Best ramen I've had in japan so far: Yatai Ramen Takaryu


There are 2 airports in Tokyo: Haneda and Narita. If you can, book your flights to arrive and leave from Haneda. It is a smooth and smaller airport. It also is much closer to the center of Tokyo than Narita.

First things to do when arriving in Japan

As soon as you're done with the immigration department at the airport, get cash from an ATM! Japan is a very modern country but ironically, you'll be using cash for most payments.

The next step is to get an IC card (SUICA or PASMO) at a machine to easily take the metro, the bus and sometimes the boat! Load the card with some cash and scan the card each time you get in and out of a metro station. You can also use your loaded IC card for small payments around town (convenience stores, automated drinks machine, food stores...).

I've also easily used the bike sharing system called Docomo Bike Sharing. It costs close to nothing and it's fun to bike in Tokyo (even though it can get intense given the amount of people and cars in the streets!). Register here (I selected the Individual - One Trip Membership). Check where the bikes are located here.


Here's the maps I prepared before going to Japan. It is color coded. In purple, the must see things. In green, 'must eat at' places. In red, some Michelin starred restaurants. In blue, optional food ideas. In orange, must go traditional breakfast places. In yellow, optional breakfast places.

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