How To make The Most Out Of Music Blockchain Platforms

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Hello friends! Music blockchain platforms are still very new but extremely promising. In this article, I share the features of one of the most advanced music blockchain platform so far: Musicoin.

While some people are still wondering if Bitcoin is legal, others are paying a massive amount of taxes on their gains…This should be your obvious proof that the US government finds Bitcoin very legit…

While lots of music artists don't know about Musicoin yet or are complaining that Musicoin is sometimes slow, smart ones are taking full advantage of the platform and getting paid while it is still officially in beta.

The artist above made $2300 off less than 4000 streams... How is that possible? Keep reading!

While most blockchain companies are raising tens of million of dollars through ICOs (initial coin offerings) and have no functioning products, Musicoin is already solving a real problem for music artists, and without doing any ICO...

What is Musicoin?

Musicoin is a new platform based on a new technology: it is the 1st smart blockchain for Music. At the time I'm writing this (May 2017), the revolutionary benefits for music artists are:
- receiving the highest streaming rate ever,
- receiving unlimited tips from listeners 
- instant payment to all co-writers of a song as soon as it is streamed
- pressing play on a link you share on Social Media triggers a stream and therefore a payment
- all transactions are transparent and therefore can be verified at anytime
- free to use and free to listen, thanks to the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) (talked about by some of the most famous leaders such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg) combined with the Musicoin community of miners.

How to make the most out of Musicoin


  • Upload your songs/tracks on a regular basis.
    Make sure to upload quality recordings, no unmixed songs, no drafts...
  • Share your songs/tracks on a daily basis.
    The biggest mistake artists make on Musicoin is that they upload their songs and then hope that some random magic will happen and that they will end up will thousands of dollars in return…

Using Musicoin is like any other business: you need to create traffic.

How to create traffic for free? Social Media. This is marketing 101.
This is why I’ve been stressing the importance of building a massive amount of followers on Social Media; it creates a real value for your business. This allows you to drive your followers (aka potential customers) to a website, to click on something, to an offer for free! The dream of any marketers!
Share your songs/tracks on Social Media every day!

  • Put the Musicoin player on your website.
    Here’s the page where you can get the code to add to your website.
  • If you edit the code a certain way, you can put the Musicoin player on auto-play on your website. It means that each time somebody visits your website, you’re triggering a stream and therefore you’re getting paid (1 $MUSIC coin) right away. This is how I monetized my educational video game.
  • Hold the coins
    I’m not a financial advisor but if you don’t need the money, hold the $MUSIC coins as long as you can since the project is still at its early stage, meaning the coins could get a much higher value in the next months/years. Is there a risk though? Absolutely. If the projects fail, the value of the coins could go to 0. It's up to you to decide when to exchange your $MUSIC coins to dollars. I'm personally not selling them anytime soon (Ripple made 37000% last year for example and it is not an isolated case).
  • Become an ambassador
    If you like the project and are able to provide value to it, you could apply to become an ambassador. You could get rewarded for valuable content such as online tutorials, public presentations…Developers are welcomeas well! You can also mine Musicoin or invest/buy $MUSIC coins on Bittrex.

There you have it! This is how I am maximizing my use of Musicoin! 4600+ verified artists are already using the platform. By the way, there is about 30 other blockchain companies trying to build the same kind of platform. It's up to you to keep up with the best ones...and to make the most out of them!

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for Musicoin and I am compensated to talk about it.

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