The Deconstructed Sushi.

This recipe is, once again, the result of a complete improvisation!

You need:

– 1 cup of rice,

– a bit of coarse salt,

– seaweed leaves,

– some seafood (scallops, shrimps, salmon…whatever you like!)

– 1/4 of avocado,

– a cooking mold,

– olive oil,

– coconut oil,



– put the rice in boiling salted (coarse salt) water, wait for it to boil again and reduce the temperature, let it cook. Start tasting the rice to see if it’s cooked enough a few minutes later, let it cook as long as needed.

– cook your scallops/salmon/shrimps in a pan in some coconut oil, add some fine salt and/or pepper to it.

– once the rice is cooked enough, get rid of the water and add some coconut oil to your rice, mix well.

– take a nice plate and your circular mold, use a spoon to transfer the rice in the mold and push the rice in the mold so that it sticks together. Fill up the mold then gently remove the circular mold.

– position 2 leaves of seaweed on top of your circular molded rice.

– add your seafood on top.

– add a quarter of avocado on top.

– use some olive oil around the creation and some herbs on top if you like.


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