Music Education

Music Career Courses

Secrets Of Hit Songwriters

I am a speaker for this elite songwriting course featuring 14 of the biggest songwriters ever. I specifically talk about how to build a worldwide acclaimed career by thinking outside of the box and leveraging technology!

Free Mentoring For Music Artists

Get edgy informations from me on a weekly basis to make a major shift in your music career. You will also have access to a large archive. I give the solutions, it's up to you to take action...

Music Monetization in 2018

I'm a speaker for this online conference featuring edgy music experts. The title of my talk is: "Outside of the box strategies for music monetization".

Music Production Courses

All my master output secrets revealed!

I hesitated a long time before deciding to share this. In this 45 minutes, you will learn my secret sauce to compete with any songs on the market. It is the result of 15 years of experimentation and learning from the best!

My favorite plug ins!

People say they recognize my sound. This is a huge compliment; it means I managed to create my own identity as a sound creator! In this 15min video, I talk about the plug ins I use to shape my sound.

The Secrets Behind My Unique Drum Patterns

In this 40min video, I reveal the secrets behind being able to create addicting and hard hitting drum patterns. You won't find this anywhere else, this is backed up by my personal story!

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